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The more than 600 year old fortified town of Buren is more than worth a visit. Rising high along the Korne, a tributary of the Linge, you can see the medieval city walls and ramparts and the historic buildings appear on the horizon. 

Buren likes to adorn himself with the title "Oranjestad", because in this town Willem van Oranje is married to Anna van Egmond in 1551. Even today, our reigning queen is entitled Countess van Buren. And do you remember Crown Prince Willem-Alexander who rode the Eleven Cities Tour as W.A. from neighbours? 

A visit to idyllic Buren is pure enjoyment. Stroll along the beautiful sights that the town has; historic buildings, city walls and ramparts, the canals, the beautiful Sint Lambertus church with beautiful tower, the waag, the city gate with gatehouse and the mill. Or visit the castle plantation, the orphanage, the museums, the waag and the synagogue. Look around in the nice shops and enjoy the local restaurants. 

Take a city walk through the royal town of Buren, where you will not be bothered by through traffic. Also in the active area you don't have to get bored in Buren; In the area you will find countless cycling and walking possibilities. For tourist information in Buren Oranjestad you can go to the two information points in the town. So you see again, Buren Oranjestad is more than worth a visit!