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Leerdam Glasstad

In 1765 the Pelgrim brothers from Germany arrived in Leerdam. The glassblowers decided to start a small business here and set up a "black hut". The hut (from the German Hütte) was a square stone building with a domed roof inspired by the shape of the ovens. In this Zwarthut they made bottles from dark green glass, hence the name for the company. In 1878 Jeekel and Mijnssen start a hard glass factory, which is expanded in 1878 with a table glass factory. This company was taken over in 1938 by the Verenigde Glasfabrieken. Director P.M. From 1915, Cochius appointed key artists and designers for the factory to connect art and industry. A tradition that was never abandoned by the company. The trade name Royal Leerdam was introduced in 1953. The heart of the current Royal Leerdam Crystal company is the glass-forming center, which was founded in 1968, where new products are developed using traditional methods. 

Master glass blowers 

To this day, Royal Leerdam Crystal produces the most beautiful art and decorative objects in a traditional way, shaped by hand and blown by mouth. This requires craftsmanship, creativity and years of experience. The crystal objects of Leerdam's master glassblowers and designs by Copier, Meijdam, Siem van der Marel and glass designers such as Jan Janssen, Marlies Dekkers and Ans Markus can be admired and sold exclusively in the Crystal Shop.